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5-4-24 Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Eater

Prepayment of $40. Beverages, desserts, sales tax, and other items ordered off the menu are additional and will be added to your final bill, with the $40 prepayment deducted. Tips are not included in the price.

Each Crawfish Eater will receive approximately 3 ½ lbs. of Delicious Boiled Crawfish! These guests also get Corn-On-The-Cob, New Potatoes, Smoked Sausage, Button Mushrooms, and Fried Pickles!

NON-Crawfish Eater

Prepayment of $10. At the event, you will be ordering off the menu, and the $10 prepayment will be applied to your bill. Tips are not included in the price.

Reservation Information

  • Reservations are required and can ONLY be made via this website. There are a limited number of spaces (room for 50 eating crawfish, room for 10 not eating crawfish) available every Saturday. Reservations will be accepted through the end of the day on Wednesday prior to that Saturday’s Boil.
  • You must pay when you make your reservation, and we apologize, but there are NO REFUNDS. The crawfish are ordered in advance, from Louisiana, based on the number of reservations.
  • If you MUST cancel your reservation, you will be refunded if you cancel before the Wednesday prior to the boil. Cancellations can only be made by calling the restaurant at 303-738-8330. If you want to switch to a different boil date, you need to reserve the new date, if available, via the website.
  • The Boil starts at 3:00 pm, so please be on time. We need to be able to get every reservation seated and accounted for.
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